When the user purchases a service from Alien Host, they receive an account on https://panel.alienhost.net/. Alien Host collects the following information from the users.

Alienhost.net and panel.alienhost.net
The user’s account on alienhost.net is used to pay for the services Alien Host offers. This account will contain private information about the user.

Full name
Alien Host uses the user’s full name to quickly identify the user’s account. Alien Host uses this information to verify details, purchases, and information connected with the user’s name.

The user’s password is used as the key to access their account when logging onto the Alien Host account. The user’s password does not get stored as pure text. All passwords get encrypted before it gets saved so no employees or management can access or read the user’s password.

Alien Host uses emails to communicate with most users and customers. Receipts, information, invoices, and promotions will be sent directly to the email associated with the account. The email will also be used to reset/change the password through a verified, secure email.

Alien Host uses stripe. All information publicly displayed on the user’s stripe account is visible to Alien Host. Alien Host stores and saves invoice IDs, transaction IDs, and purchases the user has made on Alien Host. Read more about this under the third party.

IP Addresses
Alien Host can collect the user’s IP address through the services. When the user purchases a service and logs onto that service, their IP address will be collected and registered in a secure database.

Third parties
Stripe: Alien Host uses stripe as a payment gateway to sell their services and products. Alien Host collects transactional information from purchases the user has made on Alien Host’s website. This information will link the user’s account with their purchases on Alien Host. The information gets used as an informational source if issues arise, such as chargebacks, scams, and alike.

Discord: Alien Host collect public information about the user’s account on discord. This includes username and tag, discord ID, public connections, status, avatar/banner, and the “about me” page.

Pterodactyl: Alien Host uses pterodactyl as a control panel for customers and the services offered.